World War Z 4 player Zombie Fight

World War Z is now going to be turned into a game! From Awesome Books to decent Movie to Hopefully Awesome 4 player co-op game!

Saber Interactive is creating a zombie game similar to the Days Gone Delayed which is a highly anticipated single player zombie adventure.In World War Z you will be put up against 1000s of zombies in a crazy 4 player co-op. The Zombies which will act more like they do in the 2013 movie where they have unscripted attach patterns, they will react to the terrain and almost ‘Pour’ themselves into areas of weakness like swarms of bugs. You will have the ability to destroy scenery and alter their flow, but equally the zombies will overwhelm areas of your defenses forcing you to react differently every time you encounter them. The game will be set in a number of known places from the Film and more.

Game is Coming Soon and we cant wait!

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