May the 4th Be with you

Happy May the 4th be you with you all my Star Wars Junkies

What is some of your favorite Star Wars Films / Shows?
I personally love the original Trilogy but i really like what they did with Rogue One from the movie side and of course from the TV Show side The Clone wars was hard to beat but the are doing a fantastic job with The Mandalorian. Let me know what you think, also ill post the proper timeline to watch the movies and shows in if you don’t already know

Diablo Alts Worth Playing

We will start this off with a good fun easy to play alternative to Diablo before D4 comes out. I have yet to have a chance to try out any of the Beta for Diablo 4 but i am excited by what i have seen so far and gameplay videos that i have watched, but in the mean time i have play a few different ARPGs to pass the time that i think are well worth trying!

War of the Rohirrim

Filmmaker Kenji Kamiyama is teaming up with Warner Bros. Animation and New Line Cinema to create The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim, an anime feature film about one of the most legendary figures in Middle-earth history.

No Official release date has been set yet but we are continuing to wait for that update

The Plot for this Anime would be set back 250 years before the events of the lord of the rings trilogy that we all know and love. Around the same time that the hammerhands rule over Rohan he who is based on the iconic fortress of Helm’s Deep.

Lord of the rings TV show gets new Date

That’s right you heard it Amazon has released a premiere date for the lord of the rings TV Show! and we could be more excited!!!!!!!

Wizard with a Gun

Revealed back in early of this month(june). Wizard with a Gun bring a cool new twist to wizardry and throws you in with a little well Gun action.

Diablo 2: Resurrected launches on September 23

As a multiplayer beta will happen in august but the main game will launch in September which is super exciting as I have been such an avid diablo fan for well over a decade and longer.

Mobile Suit Gundam Streaming

The beginning of the greatest franchise in anime Gundam is finally streaming on Funimation. This is awesome because in the past we had to buy the series online and stupid high prices and now we can watch and binge the crap out of it for cheap monthly fee!

Are you a fan of Gundam or any of the series Let us know in the comments below?

10 Animes Worth Watching

These are some MUST see anime’s that really are worth watching. Next we will put our are top 10 all favorite anime list for everything to see how theirs compares with ours