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World War Z 4 player Zombie Fight

World War Z is now going to be turned into a game! From Awesome Books to decent Movie to Hopefully Awesome 4 player co-op game!

Saber Interactive is creating a zombie game similar to the Days Gone Delayed which is a highly anticipated single player zombie adventure.

Free Overwatch Skin for Starcraft Anniversary

Overwatch created a Tribute for Starcraft and turning 20 for its of course 20th anniversary. This is a cool Kerrigan Widowmaker skin and all you have to do is login to get it!

New Overwatch Character – Brigitte!

Yet again Blizzard releases an awesome new addition to the Overwatch Family with Brigitte! the Awesome Guardian Mace wielding Shield Barring Badass Support character.

She wields a Mace with a melee attack similar to Reinhardt with the right click being a longer ranged melee attack. She also has a similar shield to Rein but much smaller meant to just help support her and maybe if you stand right behind Brigitte then it would be useful.

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