Norroth MMO

Looking for a new MMO that you can easily just jump in and play and not have to worry about downloading or updating. Welcome to Norroth its a tiled based 2d MMORPG that is perfect for you.

You can Go explore a vast world that is fully open. Gather resources for yourself or trade with others. Craft your own gear and items even down to the rarity and stats. Norroth has over 20 professions to master and many different biomes and enemies to discover. You can even create and join a guild to have even more fun during world events.

I have been playing through the game for a few months now and i really enjoy how i can jump in and play anywhere anytime on any device and then go about doing something else and then jump right back in. Its a really great game for the people that like that old school 2d look as well. Im thoroughly enjoying the game and all the progress i have made. so i would highly suggest trying out Norroth today!

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