Big Picture Loans PayDay Loans Review 2022
Big Picture Loans PayDay Loans Review 2022
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Big Picture Loans Getday Loans Reviews 2022





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Big Picture Loans Review



Big Picture Loans offers Big Picture Loans. This direct lender was founded in 2012 in Watersmeet (MI) and is headquartered in Big Picture Loans. Big Picture Loans can be obtained in 50 US states and Washington, DC.



What are the rates and fees for Big Picture loans?



Although these loans are intended to be a temporary source of credit, the annualized rate of these fees can give you rates between 780.93% and 780.93%.



What is the maximum amount you can borrow with Big Picture Loans



The loan amounts range from $200 to $1000.



Are you eligible for Big Picture Loans (BPL)?



Big Picture Loans will only allow applicants with a minimum income of $8,000. If borrowers can show that they are able to repay the loan, Big Picture Loans will accept them regardless of where they work.



32 C.F.R. The Military Lending Act § 232) prohibits lenders from charging service members more than 36% APR on credit extended to covered borrowers. Big Picture Loans products have APRs that exceed the MLA. This means the product is not available to those applicants. Active duty service members and their covered dependents are considered "covered borrowers" under the Military Lending Act.



U.S. citizens can apply for Big Picture Loans services. You can also apply if you are a permanent resident or holder of a green card.



Big Picture Loans runs credit checks



Big Picture Loans is not authorized to run credit reports on you with national credit agencies Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. But, they might look at your payment history and other databases.



Is it possible to get a Big Picture Loans Payday Loan within a reasonable time frame?



Big Picture Loans can usually approve credit in under an hour. They also fund loans within three business days.



Big Picture Loans will report on your credit activity to the bureaus



Yes. Big Picture Loans can report on your account activity for the following credit reporting agencies.



Regular on-time payment to creditors that report to credit bureaus can help you demonstrate financial responsibility. It may also improve credit scores.



This guide contains more information about payday loans and tribal loans.



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Message from Big Picture Loans



Since more than twenty years, The Lac Vieux Desert Band is a Lake Superior Chippewa Indians organization that has contributed to the local community. The Tribe agreed through a treaty that they would donate 2% of income from Tribal businesses for local causes. The Tribe has the greatest resource and chance to stimulate economic growth and development, regardless of its geographical location. Big Picture Loans was formed by the Tribe to enhance the Tribe’s self-determination and further diversify the Tribe’s economy. Big Picture Loans is an economic arm and instrumentality of the Tribe that is organized and licensed under Tribal law and is located on the Tribe’s reservation.

Big Picture loans are fast, simple, and confidential. You can apply today and receive funds in no time. In just 3 steps, you can get approved! We’ve helped tens of thousands of people experience a smarter way to borrow.



Get in touch





  • Headquarters


  • Pow Wow Trail - E23970


    Watersmeet in Michigan 49969



  • Visit the site


  • Email support




Information about Big Picture Loans








  • Alaska


  • Alabama


  • Arkansas


  • Arizona


  • California


  • Colorado


  • Connecticut


  • Washington, DC


  • Delaware


  • Florida


  • Georgia


  • Hawaii


  • Iowa


  • Idaho


  • Illinois


  • Indiana


  • Kansas


  • Kentucky


  • Louisiana


  • Massachusetts


  • Maryland


  • Maine


  • Michigan


  • Minnesota


  • Missouri


  • Mississippi


  • Montana


  • North Carolina


  • North Dakota


  • Nebraska


  • New Hampshire


  • New Jersey


  • New Mexico


  • Nevada


  • New York


  • Ohio


  • Oklahoma


  • Oregon


  • Pennsylvania


  • Rhode Island


  • South Carolina


  • South Dakota


  • Tennessee


  • Texas


  • Utah


  • Virginia


  • Vermont


  • Washington


  • Wisconsin


  • West Virginia


  • Wyoming




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SuperMoney users have rated this product as not being recommended. -64The equating to 1.7On a 5-point rating scale.



Referral score measures loyalty between consumers and providers. If everyone recommends the provider it is at +100, while it's at -100 if no one does.



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Big Picture Loans



Let me first say that this was my 1st loan. My understanding is that your payment dates were set around your income. My income is not coming but it comes after the third month. It was possible to dial in twice or more times to alter the payment date, or to stop overdraft fees. You would think they would say that changing dates will cost you more, but they didn't. Because I want to make a payment and save money on financing, I phone them. It was false. The loan will be paid back on November 2nd 2019. The payoff was estimated to be around october 23rd. So, I called. Fast 2 weeks earlier they inform me of my $348 payment. However, in November I receive $280. 79. This will help you to identify the problem areas. I was able to redirect nearly $70 by changing my payment dates several times in order to avoid overdraft penalties and other overdue penalties. 00. I am just giving you a heads-up to those who are thinking of borrowing here. DON'T BORROW.



You only need a few days to determine if you want to proceed. They were very professional and helped me make a decision. The loan was transferred to my personal bank accounts within one day. You have to begin to repay the loan in just a few weeks. The interest rate is very high. In my case, I intend to make the payment very quickly to reduce the interest. Their help is invaluable and the loan money was urgently needed. Although I'm not sure how it will end, the process started the same.



You do not even deserve a star! Why would you indicate that your previous bankruptcy, charge-offs or bounced checks have not affected my credit? If you were aware that you could deny an applicant working hard, you might quickly draw the repayment from his account. This is just a marketing ploy. Your applicant will be in worse financial shape and his credit score would drop. Keep your feet on the ground and don't add to their problems. I just saw this.



This company Big Picture Loans was a horrible experience for me! I will never go back to Big Picture Loans again. They will try to get you to pay the highest interest rate. I tried to pay my bill but they made me go in circles. He also kept hanging up on me after I complained to him about the situation. He didn't listen! He refused to listen when I asked him about the automobile questionnaire. However, he told me that they do have an automotive survey you can complete after the call.



I found the process to be very easy. The only problem was that I was initially approved for one amount. I had to make changes to my bank account after speaking to the customer service representative. When we hang up, it was my personal bank account. I requested a modification and canceled the application. I received a lower interest rate of $100 as well as repayment options. It happened, and nobody was able to explain it when I called back.



My customer service rep wasn't flexible. He could not change the confirmation if the information had been given in the phone call to another purpose. Although I am aware of all the details, my bank representative was irritating with his repetitive script questions. He really needs to improve his English. The phone call was all that I required to have a great customer experience.



Big Picture loans is your best friend when it comes to financial assistance. They're. It is a delight to work with a trusted lender because of their efficiency and courtesy. They are very professional and I am pleased with them. You could not ask for more. You should see the whole picture. BIG PICTURE. A LENDER WHO IS TRUSTWORTY. A VERY TRUSTWORTHY LENDER!



It was very easy to apply. After your application is received, they will contact you to confirm your identity. Next, they will need to verify your identity by asking you for information such as pay frequency, payday and cash. It will take you around 30 minutes for this particular call. The broker was friendly and efficient.



BigPictureLoans LLC's professionalism and patience helped me quickly get my loan. Although it felt impossible to continue four times, BigPictureLoans LLC reassured that the loan was verifiable. Finally, I was allowed to submit my expedited application and they accepted it. BigPictureLoans is a credit to your professionalism, patience and understanding.



Good customer service. It was surprising to see how strict they are in requesting your information. These fees can be quite high. But that's the way it works when you get a loan such as this. It's impossible to expect any other. Thank you for your kindness and support when I was in desperate need of emergency money.



I was called within minutes of my application being accepted and my loan process took only 15 minutes. The APR is outrageous, but it's not unreasonable. They are offering a loan because you can't get one elsewhere (poor credit, or any other reason) and you have to pay the money.



I was happy with the experience, even though it was difficult to apply. Although I didn't like the interest rate they offered, it was clear that this company is offering people with bad credit an option. They are not to be held responsible for my actions, so I cover the difference. Anthony was extremely helpful, friendly and spoke English just as well as me when he called customer service.



Thank you for all your help. My daughter was able to go to school after my mother's death. I had my credit score drop behind the other loan companies that claimed they could help me. This made it harder for payday loans me to be approved for a loan. Thanks for your approval and you trusting that it will work.



My bank account went into overdraft after I took out payment in 2 weeks. The customer service was rude and arrogant, blaming a computer glitch the first time, and "just a miscalculation" yesterday. Issues were resolved, however I had to wait for my money access. It took a week to resolve the same 11 issues, but it was resolved yesterday when I was charged with fraud.



They are not trustworthy and I won't borrow money from them. Although I was desperate for cash, the ridiculous interest rates mean that they are not able to lend me any money. Based on my attention and the interest plan, I borrowed 300+ to pay 800+ back. Payday loans allowed me to borrow more money and I was able to pay it off. I'm grateful that the payday loans were granted to me, but it is not something I will use. The interest is too high.



The email contained a letter inviting me to apply for funding. This was at the moment that I needed some cash urgently. You can select whether you want to make long term or short term payments. It is easy. It took only minutes to approve this company. It is a great company. I'll tell my friends about it.



It was a problem with my deposit. It took me approximately 20 minutes to speak with the initial representative. Then, my phone rang and I got disconnected. There was no way to resolve the issue. Then I start over. It is unclear if or when my problem will be solved. It was due to a crise. The crisis left me completely uninformed.



When cash is scarce, this can be an option. The entire process is laid out upfront, including the sum and due dates. There is always an option to make the loan payment early. While I hope that I don't find myself again in this situation, I could use this service to help me.



While this service is excellent, it is not a first or last option. It's possible if you know for sure and can afford it quickly before the fees start to mount up. It's possible to get as much debt as you want, but be careful if you take it out.



This company is highly recommended! I needed to ensure I had the capital I required to take my family on a holiday. helped me. It took around 20 minutes to complete because they required my personal information and bank details. This was a hassle-free process! Very helpful and friendly representative.



Her customer service was exceptional. She's very knowledgeable and professional. My friends and loved ones will be able to recommend her. Although my credit scores aren't the best, she took time to understand what you need. Thank You Big Pictures for my finances. It is truly appreciated.



It's a scam. They take advantage of people in a way that is outrageous with high interest rates. One of those people was me. I wanted to borrow $450, and paid over $1,000. It should be illegal to rent this type of property. This is something I won't do again. Get away from me as soon as possible!



They care about their customers. I am so pleased with the solutions they provided. They have shown their faith in me, giving me what I needed and helping me realize my dreams in every way possible. They owe a few.



It was quite a tedious process, and I had to call them several times before they approved me. However, the loan was granted at my time of greatest need. They take advantage of people who need interest, and the very high interest they charge. However they did it and I was able to enjoy my loan.



The banking process should not be complicated if you've had a loan. My loan was held up by the bank because it was annoying. If I ask for the loan to be transferred in exactly the same account that it was last time, this should be confirmed.



I was very grateful to the client specialist who assisted me over the phone. She was also patient and helpful. The client specialist was patient with me and went through everything step by step. It was my first loan from this loan company, and I'm very happy with how they helped me. Amazing work



The process was fast and the intrest rate HIGH. One letter was sent to a miss who received another. However, credit can be a problem and emergency situations may arise. Let's see how it goes the first time. (fingers crossed)



It took me seconds to receive a reply after I submitted the application. Big Picture loans came in a flash. I needed this urgent cash. Because it's a weekend, I was approved. The money will be available the following business day. Many thanks.



It was easy to use and well-designed. Within minutes of my filing my application, customer service contacted me. The agents were professional and helpful. A big shoutout to the customer service agents!



Great site. Excellent service. Big Picture Loans offers friendly and patient customer support throughout the process. It is a great way to get a loan. It is safe and secure. Entirely satisfied. Thank you Barbara J. Burke



It was very easy to get a loan. Because I was in a difficult financial situation, I required funds. It is impossible to avoid the high interest rate. They also allow you to pay it.



Site down every other week. It is finally working. Now I must wait until Monday for capital. It is important to communicate with customers to get them the funds they require quickly.



It was quick, easy and simple. The customer support rep was knowledgeable and informative. The first conversation was an example of possible interactions.



It was very easy for clients to complete the process. To confirm an approved email, I received a call along with all my information. The agent I spoke with was friendly and professional.



It was quick and easy. My emergency cash was received in no time and approved within minutes. Although you may have to phone to request additional payments, they are available 24 hours a day to answer your calls.



It was easy and quick, and the customer service team were very helpful. If you are in dire need of a large loan, this is the place to go. Thank you for helping me in my time of greatest need.



Their loan was decent, but my payback is steep. However, I did not know what to do since I was in an extremely difficult situation.



Their assistance was very helpful, efficient, and they were always available to answer any questions.



They are excellent in their service and have great patience when you don't understand English fluently.



The agents were excellent. They were always professional and helpful throughout. We are so pleased with the final result. Many thanks, D. Walker



The team is available 24/7 to assist you. The team is very friendly and efficient. While the APR might seem steep, it is fair and honest.



The amount requested was granted to me after a straightforward online application. The loan was approved to cover invoices which cannot wait until payday.



A loan I borrowed was something that I had previously taken out and it was an amazing experience. This was quite a complicated process. But, it's acceptable.



It takes too long to verify and the interest repayment is also excessively steep. I have no problems with this process.



Fast loan processing and approval, excellent customer service. Big Picture Loans was my 3rd loan and I highly recommend it.



They are a great company for loans that you only need to repay over time. You can pay the loan off quickly to save a lot of interest.



He was able to walk through the document after I Talked with Somebody. However, it was not easy trying to sign a loan.



The loan process was simple and fast. The customer service representatives were friendly and professional. Don't forget to give them a call as soon as possible.



You can't lose faith when no one is around to assist you. BIGPICTURELOANS can help you! You can count on them to help you get the money you want!



The client representative was extremely helpful and kind. The loan was approved and I will recommend it to all my family members and friends.



Loans to Businesses – Big Picture Loans



Do you need a loan now? Our online installment loan process is fast and easy. Receive money in as little as 24 hours.









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