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Minecraft Dungeons

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So Mojangs Latest development is a Diablo clone....well not really but man it feels alot like you are playing Diablo. Me being an avid Diablo 2 Nerd i really enjoy Minecraft Dungeons. From the beginning the game is super smooth run really smooth. Course im running and Ryzen 2700x with and rx580 and 32gb of DDR4 so im sure most games run pretty smooth but with this game having minecraft like graphics and the blocky style it just looks great and runs great.

Now lets get down to the character. You start out creating a basic character. There are not classes or skill restrictions on your character which is cool. Kind of a build your own character but skills are based on what they call Artifact Skills and then add-on skills to your gear as well. So you can choose to beef up a sword or daggers and even a bow. So the character is really cool and easy to build.

Next I wanna get into the game play. you start out in a nice easy basic tutorial minecraft style which is always nice to have with a dungeon crawler type game. then you come to your camp you start out with a blacksmith and a map or missions. The only thing i havent seen so far is like a shop or trader where you could buy gear from but then again im not very far into the game only 3 missions done so far at 1 level. Another missing thing i have found is maybe trading with online friends. I found it several times where i was like " Hey you this upgraded weapon since i dont need it" and there is no way to trade with a friend, but then again im really new into the game so far so maybe later on that opens up or atleast i hope.

Gameplay is very much just like any other dungeon crawler game. get into a dungeon fight your way through and complete the quest and go back to town and go through your loot and do upgrades and get back to dungeon crawling.

Overwall the game is just plain awesome. Its fun easy to jump in and play and for only $20.00 its a steal i would of easily paid $40.00 for it.

I give it a solid 9 out 10

So get out and lets kill some zombies and Skeletons.
Also let me know in the comments what you feel about the game.


Topic starter Posted : May 28, 2020 12:25 AM